Our Approach

Heritage West Capital employs a systematic approach to find individualized financial strategies for our clients. We ...

  1. Take a disciplined approach to managing money,
  2. Look towards the long term,
  3. Follow and evaluate plans and criteria,
  4. Aim for risk-adjusted rates of return,
  5. Access a wide range of talent and potential opportunities,
  6. Strive to remain emotionally detached from the day-to-day moves in the markets and,
  7. Value the process.

We endeavor to make more complex investment models and a wide range of talents available to individual investors. We offer securities and insurance products through our broker-dealer, SagePoint Financial, Inc.

SagePoint provides Mr. Arutt with a high level of support and quality control, as well as comprehensive advisory and investment services not typically available to individual attorneys, accountants and their clients.

Heritage West Capital maintains a network of relationships within the local insurance, accounting and legal communities. Access to the varied expertise of individual providers, businesses and corporations gives us the freedom to search the broader financial universe for the options we believe are best suited to our clients.