About Heritage West Capital

Heritage West Capital, incorporated in 2002, currently handles approximately 400 accounts. These accounts represent over one hundred individual clients and businesses. Our clients are concentrated in Phoenix and Tucson, with some in other states.

We believe relationships, not just transactions,   are at the heart of everything that Heritage West Capital does. Our president, Paul Arutt, reviews all accounts personally. He does his best to meet everyone we work with. In addition to his investment advisory credentials, Paul brings the perspective of thirty years of service as a broker-dealer president, compliance officer, and securities litigation consultant.

At Heritage West Capital, we always strive to do what is best for our clients. We hold no proprietary products. This frees us to select from a wide range of strategies for each different client. We believe that building value is the key to investments and/or insurance recommended.

As registered representatives of SagePoint Financial, we offer securities and investment advisory services through SagePoint Financial, Inc*., including:

  • Business planning
  • Transaction design
  • Investment counsel*
  • Wealth management *
  • Asset preservation*
  • Private portfolio management *
  • Securities evaluation *
  • Alternative investments*